BBC is one of the few clubs in the country with a structured, year-round training program. Our season begins in early December with fixed gear roller workouts at our facility at the Bingo Building. Designed to improve suppleness, speed, and cardiovascular fitness, these roller workouts are combined with weight training sessions that build balanced muscle strength. We train as a cooperative group, meeting Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings for about two and a half hours. Track bicycles and rollers are provided to members and are stored on site. This is a great way for a new racer to become involved in the sport of bicycle racing.


Club group road rides are held on Sunday mornings at 9:30, except on race days. We meet at the Sunset Athletic Club parking lot, across from Sunset High School on Cornell Road (just west of Murray). The ride is generally a disciplined group ride-cooperation is stressed and pacelines are usually maintained. The team re-groups at certain waypoints so no rider is left behind. More experienced riders mentor the newer riders, and later have the chance to ride harder and longer as determined to be appropriate by Coach Sanders. The ride is nearly always followed by a support vehicle. Experienced racers also benefit from occasional motorpacing behind the Club's motorcycle, which is outfitted with a roller/bumper.


Beginning in April, track workouts are held on Monday evenings (6:30pm) and Saturday mornings (9:00am) at Alpenrose Velodrome. Because of the Club's large stock of track bicycles, members who show a consistent level of participation are assigned a track bicycle for the season. Riders are taught the fundamentals of bike mechanics, gearing and track etiquette, and are supervised with drills that teach group riding skills, handling and tactics, as well as build fitness.