Our Distinguished Alumni:

Gifted athletes with a sound foundation, do great things. Here is a list of our racers & some of their accomplishments.

Darroll Batke: US Junior National Team; US National Team; National Madison Champion; National Team Pursuit Champion

John Beckman: US National Team; World Championship Track Team; National Points Race Champion (2); Pan Am Games Points Race Champion; National Champion Team Pursuit; Olympic Long Team

David Auker: National Masters Cyclocross Champion

Tim Rutledge: National Masters Cyclocross Champion (2X); US Cyclocross Worlds Team; National Cyclocross Medallist; Gianni Motta Pro Team for Giro d' Italia & Tour of Switzerland

Michael Sylvester: National Cyclocross Medallist

Teran Martin: Junior National Champion 10-12 Criterium & Road; Junior National Medallist 13-14 road; Junior National Medallist at age 15, 16, 17, & 18; Collegiate National medallist Team Pursuit

Jacob Hacker: Junior Criterium Medallist; Junior National Team; National Collegiate Road Champion (2x)

Doug Gross: Junior National Track Medallist

Glenn Sanders: US National Team; National Criterium Medallist; Worlds Road Team (2x); Stage winner Giro d' Italia Dilettanti (Amateur); McDonalds/Ford/Lowenbrau/Crest Trade Teams

Laura Suditu: Junior National Team; Junior Pan Am Games TTT Champion; Junior Worlds Road Team; Multiple Junior National Medallist Road, Track & Time Trial (1989,1990,1991,1992, & 1993) Junior 13-15 Flying 200 Record (1989) *Again racing for BBC.

Ed Suditu: Olympic Festival Points Race Medallist

Aaron Harrison: Junior National Team Pursuit Medallist; Alpenrose Velodrome Junior Pursuit Record Holder

Michelle Dornacher: Junior National Track Medallist; Olympic Festival Track Medallist

Jason Hall: Junior National Track Medallist; Junior Road Medallist; Junior National Team; Goodwill Games Medallist; US National Team

David Godfrey; Junior National Team Pursuit Medallist; Alpenrose Velodrome Junior Kilometer TT Record Holder

Tim Peddy; National Collegiate Points Race Champion; US Olympic Team

Ryan McAuliffe: Junior National 13-14 Road Champion

Mary Ross: Masters National TT Medallist (2x); World Masters Games TT Champion; World Masters Games Uphill TT Medallist; World Masters Games Points Race Medallist