2016 Jack Frost Time Trial

Sunday, February 21st.


From the OBRA TT Cup Eddy category specific rules:

Riders in this class will compete without: aero bars or extensions, disc wheels, fairings, aero helmets (any helmet specifically built as an aero helmet and any helmet that has been modified to approximate a helmet specifically built as a TT helmet is not allowed), skinsuits, or wheels with rims greater than 40mm in depth. Bicycles which may have aerodynamic shapes but are designated to be sold as road bicycles (and are not user modified time trial bicycles) ARE allowed


If you're registered, and you have your 2016 OBRA membership and race number, just show up for your race (check the start list).  You only need to attend morning check-in if:
- You need a one day license
- You need to buy an annual OBRA license
At check in, we'll issue you a number, and put that number into the computer before it's whisked away to the finish area for the duration of the race.

***There won't be anyone available to issue you a race number after morning check in. 


Look yourself up on the start list.  Do what applies to you:

  • You have your 2016 OBRA race number, and it is entered correctly on the start list
    You are all set.  Just show up for your race.  No need to check in
  • You have your 2016 OBRA race number, but it's not correct (or missing) on the start list
    Just show up for your race and wear your number.  Tell the start people what your number is, so they can correct it.  No need to check in.
  • You have signed up for OBRA 2016 but not yet received your number
    Okay, show up in the morning before 9:45 and get a temporary number. 
  • You are doing a one-day event, and don't have a 2016 OBRA race number
    Okay, show up in the morning before 9:45 and get a temporary number.

Sunday Training Rides
Training rides will resume in January, and take place on Sunday. Be at the Sunset athletic club, ready to leave at 9:30am. Rides are  vehicle supported and coached..

Thinking about racing?

All ages & levels are welcome.  BBC has a long history of turning beginners to winners!

Contact coach Phil Sanders for more information. phil@bbcbike.com  503-649-4632  Indoor winter preparation is now happening.